The There Tier System

(1) First Cycle – lasts typically three years (number of semesters might differ in certain study courses). First Cycle is usually awarding an Undergrad degree.

(2) Second Cycle – one that might be undertaken only if you are awarded a bachelor degree, lasts typically 2 years (dependable on country and course might as well last one year). Usually awarding Master’s degree.

(3) Third Cycle – So, that analogically, can be completed only if you have completed previous two. Lasts 4 years and is awarding a Ph.D. OR a doctorate degree.

Many universities offer as well the so-called synchronised (also known as a sandwich)- degree, which is especially popular among students in the UK. This given degree is being offered in two options, that differ in terms of degree achieved. While applying to a sandwich degree a candidate has two options:

1.Four-year programme, that ends-up with a bachelor degree and one year of internship in chooses company, or an additional year of studying at the university in a different country. 

2.Five-year programme, that works on the exact same rules as the four-year programme and ends-up with a master degree