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The process of admissions we  clearly list out the steps .
We would normally carried out to make sure that the right candidate is mapped to the right Institutions based on his capability as we strongly believe this can be a Win-Win situation for both the institution. Who might get a very deserving candidate to work with them in the future as well as for the specific student which for him would be great to be part of a reputed institution whom we have map him against based on his capabilities and personal circumstances . We begin from the very  beginning ..  speak to the candidate.

  • Discuss ,review & understand the  goals and ambitions from a career point of view.
  • Analysis & retrospect  the students  previous achievements and marks cards.
  •  Underlene them against the set criteria from the institution or other partners of ours.
  •   Progress with the application of the candidate to the Institution and negotiate his admission through the admission office within the institution.

Once the admission is approved and the enrollment has completed help the candidate to relocate from a remote location to the specific location of the institution.

  • These would include all types of visa application visa processing airport pickup .
  • Hostel arrangement and part time work if as expected or as expected by the. candidate On completion of the course we would also guide the candidate to various career options within the same country or within the same geographic location and help him to build his career and in the same economy in the future.